Am I a Hypocrite?

A few months ago, I told a young lady who is training to be a minister at my church that she needed to start reaching out to the women within our ministry. I felt like a hypocrite saying this, because I also struggle to reach out to people I don’t know. In fact, I hesitated … Continue reading Am I a Hypocrite?

Learning to Love an Imperfect Man

Below, is an excerpt adapted from Gary Thomas' book Loving Him Well: Practical Advice on Influencing Your Husband. Accordingly, it’s focused on wives, but most husbands could figure out the opposite application. Gary states that this chapter was written for women in satisfying or perhaps disappointing but not abusive relationships. Abuse is a separate issue and, in … Continue reading Learning to Love an Imperfect Man

Obedience to the point of Death

Today's Verse “But he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, being born in human likeness. And being found in human form, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death-even death on a cross.” Philippians 2: 7-8 Our God didn’t come to earth as a King, He came as humbly as … Continue reading Obedience to the point of Death


Psalms 77, verse 20, gives us a tremendous hope, in it God says, "You led Your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron." I believe that the more hopeless this world becomes, the more it unveils an unconsidered hope; which is that God uses the weak and foolish things of this … Continue reading LET THE WEAK RISE UP AGAIN!

Put Your Eyes on God, not your Circumstances, and your Life will be Transformed

She looked like a new woman. My coworkers marveled when they finally realized that this was the same woman who had come to see me some weeks ago. The difference was that stark. The first time we had met she felt beaten down. She could hardly speak three sentences without reaching for another Kleenex. But … Continue reading Put Your Eyes on God, not your Circumstances, and your Life will be Transformed

No Soul is Too Far Gone

by Pastor Francis Chan My teenage daughter and I burst into tears in worship last weekend. One of our pastors was preaching about the cross. Ellie and I were overcome with emotion as he described Christ absorbing our sin and enduring the wrath of God, all on our behalf. Why? Why were we weeping with … Continue reading No Soul is Too Far Gone

The Rope

This is a truly impactful realization of what life must be for a true believer. Many think they're saved when, in fact, they are Hell bound.  Don't you want to be certain of your eternal destiny? We all need a shot in the arm that will put us back on the straight and narrow road … Continue reading The Rope

Apathy & Discouragement

David Wilkerson (1931-2011) June 26, 2019   There is wonderful news for every Christian who is discouraged by the apathy and godlessness in this nation. Regardless of how wicked and corrupt this society becomes and how many Christians compromise and fall into sin, God still has a mighty remnant of holy, separated followers. Christians may be deceived … Continue reading Apathy & Discouragement


June 26, 2019 by Charles R. Swindoll Scriptures: Proverbs 10:11–21; 15:1–7; James 3:1–12 Abraham Lincoln's coffin was pried open twice. The first occasion was in 1887, twenty-two long years after his assassination. Why? You may be surprised to know it was not to determine if he had died of a bullet fired from John Wilkes … Continue reading Rumors

Be All ‘IN’ When it Comes to Yahweh God!

It's always been, in my own walk, that when the blessings aren't flowing, I ask my Yahweh God, in the Holy Name of Yeshua Jesus, what am I doing wrong because I want to glow with Your countenance and glorify You - not me.  So, I want to pass this along to you.  I want … Continue reading Be All ‘IN’ When it Comes to Yahweh God!